Jakob Juul

My name is Jakob Juul, the 19-year-old son of Ron and Kim Juul. Alongside my 4 siblings, I grew up on a family owned and operated alfalfa hay operation in southeastern Colorado. I graduated salutatorian of Fowler High School but currently call El Dorado, Kansas home. I am attending Butler Community College as a member of their livestock judging team and plan to dual major in Animal Science and Agribusiness on a pre-law track. In addition to the farm, my family runs a small herd of Boer Goats through which we strive to raise show wethers for every level of competition. My parents each hold a profession off of the farm and I can proudly say that all of my older siblings have entered professions in the agricultural field. While in high school, I was extensively involved in 4-H and FFA where I held numerous offices as well as being a member of the Colorado All-State Livestock Judging Team, National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, National Society of High School Scholars, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students, County 4-H Council, Farm Bureau, Young Farmers and Ranchers and Varsity Athletics. Although I never claimed to be overly athletic, being 6’7” in a school with a total population of 120 students means you are expected to play!

As the youngest of five children, I quickly learned that sharing is caring and hand-me-downs aren’t half bad! Yet, I owe much of my current success to my parents and older siblings for the opportunities that they provided me. As a June born baby, I was hauled to my first jackpot show at just two weeks old. Wrapped in a “Barney” blanket, I spent numerous summer days on the top of our padded Sullivan’s show box where I quickly learned everything and more than I needed to know about showing livestock for a newborn. While in the show barn, I caught some sort of sickness. This sickness doesn’t exhibit the typical clinical signs of an air born illness but rather provides its hosts with a strong love for animals and a burning fire of competitive nature deep inside everyone who contracts it. Ever since I can remember, I was following my sisters out to the barn to do chores and work with the show stock. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house so I could spend time with the animals. I loved showing my siblings’ animals in the pee wee show but let’s get real, everyone gets a ribbon for that and participation points wasn’t what I was after. I spent my days in pre-school dreaming about the time when I could show my very own goat and just like the rest of life, time flies and before I knew it, I was 8 years old and finally old enough to show my first project!