Advertise with us! When it comes right down to it, selling what you produce is what keeps any operation in business. Regardless of how good you think your animals or products are, the final proof of all your hard work and planning boils down to a simple entry in your ledger book - total sales. And that is where we can help. Call our office today to book your space in the next issue.

*We take the utmost care in preparing ads for publication, however, we will NOT be responsible for errors in ads taken over the phone or after the deadline.

* If you book ad space and submit ad copy, you are now liable financially for it unless cancelled prior to the ad deadline for that issue. For ads coming in as finished pdfs / jpegs the deadline is the 15th of the month preceding publication except for Sept - that is the 10th!

ADVERTISERS, Ad copy received after the 10th cannot be faxed or e-mailed for approval! PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME THE ADVERTISEMENT IS BOOKED OR NOT LATER THAN THE 15th OF THE MONTH PRECEDING PUBLICATION! If this is a problem, we will need a good credit card on file. $20 LATE FEE • $25 FEE FOR ALL RETURNED CHECKS • 5% ADDED FOR PAYMENTS USING CREDIT CARDS.